Game Developers

Use IceSpice & incentivize gamers to

'Try out new features / in-game events – e.g. Use our new voice chat feature and get 50 SpiceGold*’ OR ‘play and win 2 multiplayer battles back-to-back and get 150 SG’

Invite friends to play– e.g. Invite your friend to play and both get 100 SpiceGold

Spend more time on the game – e.g. reach level 10 today to unlock 100 SpiceGold

* 1 SpiceGold = Rs. 1

Gamers can use SpiceGold

To get discounts on physical merchandise at the IceSpice Store* OR

As an in-game currency#

* Opens within the game – minor integration effort required

# Optional – at the game developer’s discretion

Easy and superfast integration

API based integration – for Merchandise Store as well as SpiceGold Events

Get integration done in hours, not days – dedicated expert teams to help

Merchants and Manufacturers

Right customers in the right place

Market products to gamers from right within the game

Contextual marketing to highly engaged user

Get merchandise licensing deals for sought after gaming IP*

* Subject to game developers’ discretion

We offer

Short settlement cycles – account settlements within the shortest time

Integration with in-game events to offer the best contextual marketing

High volumes – games attract a large number of users

Ability to show segment based personalized offers to gamers

Work with

Top-of-the-line platform features supported by a robust tech-stack

Highly curated marketplace with small number of specialized merchants

Accurate analytics and ability to personalize offerings for each user

A dedicated and experienced tech team